For your bemusement....

The furnace in the house we are renting has become more of a static art exhibit. It is not 'furnacing' anything. Temp in the house is 67 degrees and dropping like a lead brick. I am surfing the 'net for a quicktime movie of a fire.

If I do not post by noon tomorrow, send the St Bernards. Don't forget those cool little barrels around their necks. If I don't post by 6 pm tomorrow, split my stuff amongst yourselves. No, wait...split it all except the following.

To Robbie Reider, I leave my picture of he and I at Burning Man, framed in a cool african looking frame that someone gifted us there.

To Tom Planck, I leave a partially eaten bag of Salt & Pepper chips recently purchased at Wild Oats.

To Dougie, I leave two pristine copies of The Purpose Driven Church. You can eBay those babies. (Why do I own two new copies of that?)

To Andrew Stone, my baptism swim trunks. Dare you to use them.

To Aaron Walsh, I leave enough money to buy a set of snow tires and driving lessons.

To Chad Canipe, try and pry one of those copies of PDC from Doug.

To David Sheldon, I leave my White Castle Frequent Fryers Card.

To a yet-to-be determined IHOPer, I leave the mighty Volvo Turbowagon.

Feel free to call dibs on the rest of the stuff.

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