It's early Tuesday morning, and I see that my friendly banter about the Chief's coming victory over the Bengals has encited more comments than anything else I've written in the last few months. Granted, some of the comment-leavers were so worked up that they inadvertently left the same comment multiple times....sort of reminds me of my boys playing on the front step, ringing the doorbell ten times in a row. :)

You'll notice a change in the links to the left...a much needed update as I added Doug Hill, frequent commentor, personal Apple Help Desk, and all around good guy. I deleted my good friend Aaron Walsh, whom I presumed was going to start a blog but ended up just leaving the world a note. He will understand and not be scarred by this deletion.

One more thing on the football game - Doug, you think you prayed a lot last weekend? You'll be praying at least 3 hours straight on Sunday. :) That may be one of the the biggest motivations for 24/7 prayer in Cincinnati....

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