Big day...

This afternoon, Kelsey and I took the boys to Science City. Science City is one of those funky kids-and-adults museums where everything is hands-on. It had some great exhibits, particularly around the Liberty 7 space capsule that had been lost at sea for 38 years. The capsule itself was amazing...I found myself staring through the window at the control panel that looked as if it had been built from spare parts found in the discount bin at Home Depot. It's phenomenal that anyone actually went up in that thing.

We came home in time for a quick dinner and then ran to our community-wide celebration. We had a guest speaker - Youth With a Mission's international director, John Dawson. John directs the efforts of YWAM's 650 mission bases (that is not a typo) and nearly 17,000 missionaries. He'll be briefing our leadership community tomorrow.

I have already heard some trash talk from the Cincinnatians regarding next Sunday's little football game.
Understand, I love Cincinnati. I love the chili. The hills. The river. I know where the backroads are and how to use them to get to a Starbucks. I will forever love Cincinnati...but when it comes to football, I have tasted of cheering for a winning team now, and it is good. Bring on Johnson and Johnson. Heck, bring on Soap-on-a-rope if it helps. At the end of the day, the self-destruct virus that infects Cincy sports teams will once again do its work. Ten and Oh are just around the riverbend for the Chiefs....

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