Hmmm...having entertained a fair amount of blog visitors and having none of them take me up on my challenge to run a marathon, let's call that idea dead before someone steps up with the cash, shall we? Don't say I didn't offer.


On a more reverent note, we've entered a solemn time here at IHOP. Without going into all the details, our leadership has called us to a 21 day fast, believing that God is calling us higher in Him, but it must be accomanied by a higher standard...not that God can be 'convinced' to bless us by our actions, but rather to encounter Him at that level entails a higher standard for our own protection. We'll be meeting for corporate prayer several times each week, 10 AM - Noon and 4 PM - 6 PM.

One might wonder how a group responds to this sort of thing...I can hear the rumblings now..."If I called a corporate fast at my church, they'd vote me out...". Things are a little different here in that we all knew what we signed up for...this is a community of fasting and prayer. We didn't come for the good music (of there is much!) or great powerpoint (of which there is none!). The announcement was met with a fair amount of cheers, actually. I, for one, am ready to pay a price if it means a difference in my life. The edge is that saying that out loud has a tendency to make people uncomfortable...they assume that my choosing to rachet up my commitment means I question theirs. Not at all the case...I just know what I need to be doing to become who I'm supposed to be.

One more clarification - the fast is not a legalistic one...leadership said yesterday "determine what it means to you...all veggies, just water, skipping lunch every day - whatever...and if you fall off the wagon, don't tell us and don't tell God...we don't care! Just join back on the next day." I love the mix of grace and radical commitment.

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