an aroma-seal?

Okay, now this is nuts. I just made coffee to fill a thermos and take along today...and I see we have some new coffee. Rather than shame the compnay into bankruptcy, I will call not name the brand. Let's just call it Cafe Au Garbaj. Suffice it to say, it's not Starbucks, but (to quote Chariots of Fire), 'during times of war, all of us are called upon to make certain sacrifices."

The container, plastic with a twist-on lid, boasts an aroma-seal. Now, who's bright idea is this? Is it such a bad thing to allow the coffee aroma out to permeate your kitchen? Face it - most of us go to Starbucks because of how the place smells. Yes, the coffee's good, but we love the smell. Heck, I'd wear coffee cologne if it were available....and yet this company wants to keep that smell in the container. It's a travesty.

and this is what I'm thinking as I leave the house for the 6 AM prayer meeting....

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