After a lot of tinkering, I have come to the realization that my Palm M105 will not talk to my iBook. Hmmmm. I smell an eBay sale coming on.

Kelsey and our guests, Dana, Laura and Lynne are off at the women's conference this evening. Kelsey did a breakout session this afternoon. When she came home for dinner she seemed content with it, which probably means it was incredible. This morning, Melody Green spoke at length about her life story, including the loss of her husband, Keith, and two of their children in a plane crash, leaving her with a 1 year old and one on the way.

I've spent a fair amount of time with the boys this weekend...it's been much fun. One would think that with the four year stretch between each of them that they would not have much to talk about together...but they talk nonstop! Even Zion. His latest regular exclaimation is "Dude, that's NICE!". I've wanted to spend a little extra with them knowing next weekend I'm on the road to Rolla, MO.

Had a fun late night chat with Doug last night...talking the how to's of extended periods of prayer. New Life bit off their first (I think) 24 hour prayer event this weekend. One day, Cincy readers, there will be prayer and worship 24/7 in the Queen City...and we'll all look back and laugh at our first attempts.

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