the epic journey of man

I read through the New Testament in fairly rapid succession recently, and thuroughly enjoyed putting things in context of a larger story. Most of that reading was in the New International Version, which I have read since I was a kid.

Now that I'm trying to do the same in the Old Testament, I've wandered over to Eugene Peterson's "The Message". I've been slow to get on the bandwagon for "The Message", mostly because it lacks the poet ring that most translations have. Also, in his desire to bring the Old Testament Prophets into the contemporary world, they come off a little like trippy Hebraic surfer dudes. There is an area where I love it, however...

The book of Genesis and Exodus, when read in The Message, relates like a NY Times Best Selling Novel. I can sense a little more of the dysfunction between Joseph and his brothers - a little more of the tension between Pharoah and Moses. I'm sure I'll switch back over to another translation when I get to the wisdom and prophet books, but here in the epic journey portion...it's a great read.

We're leaving this afternoon for a much deserved break. Through long, rambling circumstances no doubt ordained by God, we have fallen into free use of a gorgeous condo in the Smokies. A few hours after that came through, and totally unrelated (in the natural), someone gave us som cash that will more than cover the gas and food. It's a long trip - about 12 hours one way - for a Saturday to Tuesday stay, but the convergence of opportunity and provision gives me the energy to go for it. Our boys are thrilled...we'll spend days wandering the woods and nights piled on the couch. As soon as I finish my session with the IHOP interns, we're loading the SS Family Truckster and heading south east. I hope to post some family shots with the new digital camera we just picked up.

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