Back in the prayer room...I was here for a while early this AM then errands and writing took me elsewhere. It's funny, I'm not usually here in the late afternoon...I'm seeing worship leaders and musicians that I haven't seen in the nearly-three months we've been here! I wonder how many guitar players this place has...

Had a day of errands this afternoon, rushing to get our monthly newsletter printed, buying labels, etc. Also took the plunge and bought a digital camera show we can show you all a little of what goes on around here. You'll see it...and still not believe it. It's more something that resonates within. There are undoubtably a hundred places one earth with the same vibe, but I've never found one.

Kelsey and I went out to dinner a few nights ago with Kirk Bennett & his wife, Dee. Kirk is a long-time KC guy who directs our prophetic teams and travels. He just got back from an amazing trip to South Africa. I was in a vegetative state - everything can be so different here that it is sometimes is tough to adjust. Kirk spoke some things that I was feeling in my heart but couldn't articulate - that's a weird feeling...but very releasing, if that makes sense (or even if it doesn't...).

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