Contending for what's yours...

Last night was phenomenal at the House of Prayer. Several evening a week the worship/prayer component is relocated to another facility to allow for a time of teaching. Normally Mike Bickle teaches Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, but yesterday he handed off to Kevin Matthews, who directs the healing ministry here. The prayer room, with about 800 seats, is lined on three sides by smaller rooms with teams of people who pray for the sick. People literally drive across country to bring their sick family members. For the skeptics who are lurking - just to reassure you - there is no charge.

Kevin taught about the dynamic tension between hearing a promise from God and actually seeing it - and how many people fall by the wayside in between. I was stirred to continue to contend for a number of things that I know God has for us. Kelsey and I remarked how much his message rang in our hearts like so many of the ones we had delivered at SpiritLife. Like John the Baptist, one day that which we see in our heart will be held on our hands.

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