CNN.com - Rich-poor divide derails WTO talks - Sep. 15, 2003: "'Some countries will now need to decide whether they want to make a point, or whether they want to make progress,' U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick said. His comments appeared directed at a group of mostly poor nations -- often known as the Group of 20-plus -- that emerged as the major opposition to the U.S. and European positions. The group represents most of the world's population and includes China, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

So, tell me again why there is the world-wide perception of an ugly American? Just because we try and tell a group that "represents most of the world's population" the terms they're going to accept, and then we stomp and snort when they don't?

I don't have particularly strong feelings on the whole WTO thing - the crazy actions of past WTO protesters has been enough for me to turn a blind eye to the whole thing for a while - but the more I read the more it seems like we're trying to export Americanism rather than prosperity. It could be we don't know the difference.

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