While I don't want to turn this blog into a product endorsement page, allow me to refer you to the blog written by my son, Jackson: thoughts of a thinking ten year old.

Jackson has come to the belief that he is in dire need of his own Apple iBook. He is a poet and is tired of his little brother deleting his poems off their shared desktop PC. Jackson is enamored with the previous clamshell versions, and searches eBay daily for good deals. His one major predicament is that his entire lifetime fortune is the grand sum of fifteen dollars, mostly in small change.

Ever the entrepreneur, he has a proposal. He is assembling ten of his best poems into a eBook (or if you insist, he'll print you a hardcopy) and selling them to raise some jingle for a used iBook. Read his pleas (see link above) online and see if you can resist stepping up and buying a copy. Mark my words - buy it now while he's still unknown and you'll sell it on eBay later for a big profit.

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