Thoughts from the prayer room...

I remember sitting in junior high physical science class when the teacher dropped the bombshell on us that we were all made of atoms. The obvious question to follow was "What are atoms made of?" His answer to that was "nuetrons and protons, spinning wildly, but not many of them....mostly, space." It amazed me that most of what made up the desk I sat in, the pencil I wrote with, the lungs I breathed with, was air and motion. Later, I got to thinking how closely that resembled the definition of sound. Air. Motion. We are more song than solid.

Everyone has a lifesong. Some sing in dischord most of the time. Others sing the blues, reverberating their difficulties louder and louder. Some people have a natural merry melody, but manage to drag the song into something it's not...a 78 rpm destiny played eternally at 33 1/3.

That in mind tonight, as I sit in the prayer room, the song leader leads the refrain "sing unto the Lord a new song." You were designed, at the atomic level, as a part of a symphony. My heart resonates with a song that is uniquely me. To sing our new song is to be rejuvinated our very core - for our hearts to reverberate with the thoughts and intents of God. What will my new song be? It will be the song the conductor calls on me to play. I will be what He wills at the specific moment. I will sound at His calling and rest on His cue.

Outside of His conducting, I have no song.

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