We enjoyed an evening of pizza with Rusty & Jen Geverdt and Duane & Jennifer Roberts tonight. Geverdts & Roberts both lived in eastern Europe back in the late 80's/early 90's so they were able to swap stories about moving in different cultures. It was fun to sit back and listen to days of smuggling Bibles in hollowed out old vans and Hungarian Jesus Rock Festivals. It made Kelsey and I feel like we've had a very tame life!

Kelsey's New Staff Entry Program begins next Thursday. She'll be one busy girl for the next 10 weeks as she attends classes, meetings, etc with 85 other intercessory missionaries who are joining the IHOP staff. I will take the program vicariously by picking her brain, studying her notes, crashing meetings and generally making her do all the work while I am meeting people and talking Outreach.

Found out today that I may be doing the Sunday AM at Cobblestone in Oxford, OH on the first weekend in October. Hope so - it would be fun, and I'll already be in Cincinnati for a SE Weekend Intensive. Ironically, I went to Cobblestone with Steve Sjogren when he spoke there several years ago. The pastor was a former Salvation Army guy - we swapped stories we'd read about William Booth, the fiery catalytic leader who founded the movement in England.

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