Good News - It DOES rain in Kansas City! After a long drought, we woke up this morning to a soft rain that continues to fall. We enjoyed a lazy pancake breakfast and have all gravitated to the family room with laptops or library books. Little boys are piled everywhere. Grayson is reading to Zion...a version of "One Fish, Two Fish" that I've never heard before.

Monday starts a corporate fast for IHOP - the first monday, tues & wed of each month, the entire staff fasts (to varying degrees - it's not a legalistic thing) that the church would be awakened to the knowledge of how God regards His people - in the manner of a bridegroom who looks to His bride.

Meanwhile, tonight, a man burns in the desert. I had a brief IM chat with Media Mogul Ronjon who was on site @ Burning Man. Thursday was the media parade - he said they sent the national writers out in golf carts only to be enveloped in the total white-out conditions of a playa dust storm. Been there. Done that. Washed the t-shirt.

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