Felt pretty skunky when I woke up this morning so I did not make it to the prayer room. Haven't taken a day off since we arrived so I guess I had it coming.

I got the Montero inspected and tried to get it licensed but was snagged by the technicality police who insisted that I needed a lein release (it was paid for a year ago). Now that I get home and look @ the Volvo title - it's exactly the same. Ohio titles list previous owners and the Missouri License bureau interpreted that as it not being paid for. I finally got the Volvo brake lights working, so I'll get it inspected at 3 pm and then try and get both of them titled. When she sees the Volvo she'll know that we don't own money on it. :)

Seriously, the Volvo has been a DREAM second car. A good friend gave it to us before we left Ohio. It looks great and cruises wonderfully despite it's 200,000+ miles. The brake lights gave me a little trouble so I took it to a garage where they insisted I needed an entirely new rear light assembly. I didn't go for it (price - $250+ parts and labor) and brought it home to make a few duct tape adjustments. It works now. HA!

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