Rick Warren teaches 40days of purpose. At VCC, we just finished a 50 Day journey of learning to love God. I've been on a 60 day pilgrimage of my own.

Last night, sitting in a church in Middletown, I paged through my journal to realize that sixty days ago I was sitting in the prayer room of the International House of Prayer, gingerly writing a note to God explaining to Him what moving to Kansas City was going to cost me in the way of influence and relationships (as if God needs my help on either one....).

The last sixty days have been a blur of meetings, telling people about this big change in our lives, and being overwhelmed at the response...so many have graciously teamed with us, offering financial and emotional support. Often it's been people we just didn't expect to be on board. The lessons we've learned along the way in being open-handed with the gifts God gives us has been incredibly valuable. If this much can happen in sixty days...where will we be in a year? Hang on folks, this is going to be a ride.

One last thing - if you're in Cincinnati, join us this evening at the VCC Chapel to hear Aaron Walsh, leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, as he teaches. Adam Mosley, worship leader extraordinaire, will be playing along with his SOS band. It starts at 7 pm.

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