I taught my final Wednesday Alpha session tonight...I'll do two sessions on Saturday at the retreat and then I'm done. Alpha is a 10 week course for those interested in checking out the claims of Christ. Students range from skeptics to long time believers wanting to brush up on the basics. In the past, I've taught 8 of the 10 sessions (we do three courses each year), but scaled back to 5 this time because of our upcoming transition. Alpha's been a joy to be involved with here - It avoids the pat answers that most people have encountered in order to dig a little deeper. I'll develop it in Kansas City as well. I like the way it respects a persons journey as their own without soft-selling the story of Jesus or His designs.

The church is buzzing w/activity surrounding Summer of Service, which begins on Monday (or as the StuMin team is saying, "T minus Five Days". We'll be invaded by 600+ teens from across the nation who come to learn the value of an outward focus. My role will be teaching one session (Wed AM) and serving as Sherrif of Outreach, cruising the locations where the kids are serving to make sure everything's okay. I love SOS. Mostly because I get to legally open fire hydrants. We use them and this incredible six-hose-splitter to wash more cars at one time than you can imagine. NOTE TO SELF: remember from last year, a fire hydrant opened abruptly will shoot brown sludge completely across four lanes of traffic.

One last thing - you've GOT to check out this fantastic machine....it's worth a peek!

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