Burning Man Goes Egghead

I just received the latest edition of Jack Rabbit Speaks, the Burning Man email newsletter, and it seems that Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man is headed across the pond to lecture at the Oxford Commons at Oxford University, England, in the next week or so. Having spent a long evening roaming the desert with this fascinating man, I'd say it would be worth hearing what he has to say. Larry holds the record for sending me to the dictionary more than any other individual in my life, although he doesn't do it in a way that makes a person feel stupid. What can I say? It's a gift I'm sure he doesn't fully understand. But he will. One day.

Thanks to all who E'd or IM'd their concern for Grayson or incredulity at my stupidity regarding what will forever be known as The Garlic Toast Incident.

He is fine. Today was Pajama Day in Kindergarten. It's getting close to the end of the year and I'm thinking they're letting them slack a little. Tomorrow is Mix-n-Match Wacky Clothes Day. He dug out brown paisley swim trunks (from where?) and an orange tye-died T shirt with black lettering that says "Revolutionary" on the front and "Elijah was a Boy Just Like Me" on the back. I'm not so sure his teachers will comprehend the profundity of the shirt, but either way, he's looking good.

Kels and Jackson are on the 4th Grade Camping Trip - can't wait for them to get back tomorrow. Poor K's been on the road for days, having gone w/the rest of us to Tennessee Friday through Sunday, then bailing early Monday for Parts Unknown, Ohio. She reported in this morning and said she's doing very well.

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