It's Saturday night and I am entirely shot. We hosted a Weekend Intensive this weekend for people interested in exploring the servant model of evangelism. Guests came in from New York to LA, Minneapolis to Ft Lauderdale. The Minneapolis continguency were from a very cool Lutheran church called Hosanna, although with their Minnesotan accents, it sounded a lot like Hose-onna. :) Anyway, I got to make a bunch of new friends from all over the place and spend a few hours teaching. Told a few Burning Man stories along the way. Life is good.

Working hard on the fund-raising aspect of our impending move to Kansas City to join the House of Prayer. It's amazing - every missionary I've ever talked to about this tells me "The cash will come from where you least expect it...". Very true this week. It surely shows He's the author of provision.

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