For once, it's dark at the Bohlenders at 10:07 PM. I'm parked on the couch, typing by the glow of the laptop screen with Zion rocked out asleep beside me. The living room windows are open to a soft breeze. Life is good. If I had a cup of coffee, this would be approaching nirvanic in experience.

We met with another small group of friends tonight to share what God is calling us to with the House of Prayer and evangelism efforts. Like the other groups before them, they gathered around and prayed for us at the end. I'm never quite ready for the flood of emotions that come with that - not theirs, my own. I am incredibly struck by how interwoven our lives have become with others - often with people we've only known a few months. I think "How did we live life without these people?"...and in darker times, "How WILL we live life without them." For all the talk of daily email and long phone conversations, it's harder than we think it is to keep contact over miles...and that's the dark spot for me in all this.

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