We are remarkably uptight about the book of Revelation.

Here we have an incredible piece of liturature, an incredible insight into what is coming, and most of Christianity regards the book as something akin to our strange Cousin Louie...we admit he's part of the family, but no one understands him and we certainly don't hang pictures of him in our living rooms. It's a shame, because Revelation is as much a part of God's story as any of the Gospels or the book of Romans.

Lately I've been listeing to Michael Card's Unveiled Hope. Card, known for his thoughtful lyrics and the ability to write an engaging, seven minute song, ventured into rarified air to write this album, a concept album celebrating the story of eschatological happenings. The album includes such varied titles as "To the Overcomers" and "The Dragon", a reminder that the ultimate song of God is at once a ballad, a march, a dirge and a boogie. It's gotten me thinking far beyond putting all the events in order to putting them in context...that the Lamb was the only one worthy, and this is how it had to be.

I'm turning to the back of the book for a while. Couple this with a pizza and I'll be writing songs of my own...

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