Without getting into the details of how I came to this decision, allow me to express my heartfelt conviction that one of the most prolific sources of creative fiction on the web would have to be church websites....particularly churchplant websites. Just go to SpiritHeartFestFirstBapticostalCommunityofBelievers' (there are only so many new church names...and community has got to be one of the words) website to find clip art photos of a smiling, diverse crowd, a links section directing you to the ooze, and a mission statement that looks like it should be hanging on the wall at an insurance company. Their pastors are described as dynamic, their messages thought provoking, their music current, their coffee the best. Just don't go to the church, or you'll be jerked back to the reality zone.

Sorry. Got a little worked up there for a minute. Where's my medication?

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