If this post looks any different, it is because I'm blogging from a different location. :) Rather than my office or the basement of my home, I'm blogging from the comfort of the couch in our Great Room upstairs, where I just ran a cat-5 cable. Yes, I know that everyone in the world, including those in third world nations, enjoys wireless access...but I'm happy just to have broadband.

After dinner tonight I took the three boys to the playground. Zion is now big enough that this sort of thing isn't a major trauma opportunity. He can climb with the best of them, although 'down' doesn't work as well as 'up'. Having two big brothers means that he gets good use of the 2nd and 3rd words a little brother learns (the first word a baby learns is always "NO!"....for younger siblings, this is quickly followed up by the mantra "ME TOO!"). Mention leaving the house, playing with toys, eating ANYTHING, and in our house, you hear "ME TOO!".

Hey, something I just noticed. When I blog from this location...like, I can see the refridgerator from here....later.

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