In a blatant blogging rip-off, I'm going to start doing something here....friend Tom Planck and others have started with "things I believe...", although most of those center around sports. Given my athletic ability, what I believe about sports is limited to "I believe I'll sit down now." SO, to clear the air, rather than "things I believe", I will offer periodical lists of "things you don't want to argue with me about". Not to say you couldn't win, but that it wouldn't be pretty. My intial list goes as thus:

1. In both cars and churches, there is never such a thing as too much power, only too little traction. I'm tired of anemic vehicles and anemic churches explaining away their inadequacies. Rev it up. Drop the clutch. If it breaks, it breaks.

2. The popularity of pantyhose pretty much killed the idea of a spontaneous footwashing service. This isn't a personal revelation - it came to me from a friend who would be mortified to see his name here, so I won't tell you who. You don't know him.

3. Most of us could skip every other meal and still not call it a fast. I'm in the boat with you, folks, but I'm not crazy about it.

4. I'm a little dissapointed that I've never really been fired from a job. It makes me wonder if I'm living below my potential. I'll work on that one.

5. Parachurch organizations don't need to be balanced, but churches can't afford not to be. By balanced, I don't mean passive - but equally passionate about things like evangelism, prayer, community and the poor. If you want to specialize, then surrender your hold on the Bride, unless, of course, you just can't live without the regular offerings. (again, there is no html tag to indicate sarcasm, but I think you're tracking with me).

6. As long as Keith Richards is still burning down the house, I cannot accept that retired folks can't adjust their expectations of what worship music should be. The church is the only place in our culture where we've let people age prematurely. Stand up, you people. Put your hands together. This is not the waiting room for eternity. The Kingdom is here.

That's about all I dare say right now.

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