Demonic Toy Influence
Okay, maybe not demonic, but definetly screwed up. For Christmas, Zion (18 months) received a large fire truck that he can sit on and push buttons. The buttons issue such wisdom as "Don't play with fire!" "Look both ways before you cross the street!" and "Call 911!" along with a hellaciously loud siren. The older boys (Jackson - 9, and Grayson - 5) have learned that by tapping the buttons in rapid succession, you can make the fire truck beller "Don't..look both ways before you cross the street" and "don't call 911!". Anyway...
Last night we were trying to get Zion to sleep when the siren starts goes off. I was with him in the nursery and figured the boys were playing with it. I was getting irritated thinking "Why does Kelsey let them keep doing that?" Turns out she's out in the great room trying to get it to STOP. It would blast off intermittently - perhaps every 10 minutes, and wail for five or six before announcing "Call 911!". Eventually I put it in the garage...and heard it still going when I left the house this morning.
"Don't...buy toys that make noise!"

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