Big Fun
Today the office was closed and the boys were off school, so we took advantage of the mild temps and this week's snowfall. This afternoon we went to a local park to go sledding. There is nothing quite like schooching down a hard packed hillside on a plastic saucer to put things in perspective. We laughed hard and long. It got me to thinking how little time I've spent in life playing.
Growing up on a farm was a lot of fun...what other 12 year old kid got to race across open fields on a Yamaha dirt bike five months out of the year...only to trade the dirt bike for a snowmobile when the weather grew cold? At the same time, there was very little play. If we were riding somewhere, it was to work when we got there. Very little was not connected to farming - it was enjoyable, but it always had a point. My father had a poorly developed sense of leisure.
What we did today was pure play...fun for the sake of fun, and a great moment with my wife and boys. I hope to make up for some lost playtime with my crew.

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