Back to the Salt Mines tomorrow after a long Christmas break. It's been fun hanging with the kids. Have played enough Battleship for a lifetime. Who would have thought that game still existed?! :)

Tonight I'm heading to Indiana to visit one of our church plants...a pastorless group that has grown to 80 adults or so with a leadership team (in a small town, no less). I have forbid them from reading any typical church growth books because they are breaking all the rules and will become horribly befuddled by their success. There's a great young couple now looking at the pastorate, and this all is part of the intricate dance between prospective pastor and prospective church. I play the prospective overseeing role, prospectivley, of course.

Wrote a contract on a house this weekend and it was accepted...down on Mitchell Ave. It's a long way from Velva, ND to Mitchell Ave, but I think I'll acclimate well. It's a two family dwelling, actually, which will give my mom some more of her own space. She'll have the first floor while we live on the second and third (attic, really, but the boys are already claiming the rooms with the coolest windows and sloped ceilings). It needs some undoing of a prior rehab job but can be lived in immediately. Now we need to sell ours ASAP. Taking all reasonable offers.

One last thing - went into the office Saturday for an Alpha Training and picked up my mail...got a signed Christmas card from Burning Man's own Larry Harvey! How ironic. I love it. It will go on the office door and stay there to confound any folks who wander in.

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