My identity is being threatened. I turned my laptop and pda in to the IT deparment today so they could reconfigure it to sync with the palm IIIc a friend gave me, and I'm like a lost dog. I had to stand in my office for ten minutes figuring out what to do, and then how to do it? . I realize I am a digital version of pavlov's dogs...the bell rings (palm alarm goes off) and I spring into action. Without the bell ringing...I'm not smart enough to cue myself. I remember when all I had was a yellow legal pad....

Kelsey is in Tennessee...she called last night from a friend's home phone rather than her cell phone. It seems Zion (fifteen months) decided that what her cell needed was a good bathing in the dog's water dish. By this morning, it had dried out. Of course, he may think it needs baptized today.

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