It's EEEEEElection day, friends. I used to be a major political junkie. Not many years back, I would have rather spent this day with a laptop and three tv sets, drinking Starbucks and following every race across the country. Other than the Starbucks, I'm sort of over that. Granted, there are a few things I'm following today...

The Minnesota Senatorial Race - watch Fritz run in place of the deceased (Mondale referred to him as 'martyred'....martyred?) Paul Wellstone, as a shocked businesman was appointed to finish out the term. The businessman was appointed by Wrestler/Govorner Jesse Ventura. Ventura's said and done some things I really don't like, but one thing I do like about him is that he's unpredictable. I like the idea of sending an unknown to the Senate, even if only for a few weeks. Reminds me of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Cincinnati Light Rail Initiative - this issue would raise taxes to build a mass transit system for our fair city. Ordinarily it's the sort of thing I'd be against, but sitting at a standstill today on I-275 because someone inverted his automobile near Rt 42 made me think hard about it. Of course, if it passes, they'll never actually build a train line anywhere I'd normally go, so the point is mute.

Also curious about how the voting will be done in Florida. One would think that after the presidential debacle that they would have made the system idiot-proof for this go-round, but it looks as if people are already suspicious of the new proceedures.

Anyhow...that's what I'm thinking. As if you wondered.

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