Kels and I watched the first seventeen minutes of a really dumb movie on cable last night..."Storm" with Martin Sheen. First thing we noticed is that they must have been paying Sheen pennies, because the acting was so horrible, especially in comparison with West Wing. Second thing (and the clincher in shutting it off) was the whole gist of the movie was that this renegade professor was moving storms by releasing these ion generator contraptions at 50,000 feet and 'leading' the storm by creating a low pressure trough. If someone with a B.A. in Theology can spot something as bad science, then perhaps the writers could have worked a little harder.

I have a million reasons why this idea for cattle sales won't work. The first one is a story about a frenchman, The Marquis de Mores, who set up a ranch and named a town for his wife, Medora. The Marquis, a hopeless romantic and ardent fan of the west, was a horrible businessman. His ranch and town were in southwest North Dakota, where his neighbors included soon-to-be president Theodore Roosevelt. The Marquis was known to buy a herd of cattle and pay the herdsman to drive them by horseback to his ranch....only to have the herdsman drive them around behind a hill, hand them to another herdsman, who in turn would drive them back to the Marquis...and the Marquis would buy the same cattle again. If this internet idea works out, watch for the disclaimer on pictures: "stock photo"....pun intended.


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