What could a 37 year old doctor possibly know? Remember how old doctors were when you were a kid? I remember Doc from Gunsmoke, who had to be a seventy five, and spent most of his time hanging out at the Long Branch Saloon jawing with Festus. Then there was the doctor on Little House on the Prairie...he was no spring chicken either. Now I've got this doctor who is close enough to me in age that we might have been in high school together, and this is not right.

Did I mention I had a doctor's appointment today? Feeling fine, but my right knee is starting to sound like it's got gravel in it, particularly when I go down stairs...the doctor's primary diagnosis is that I have apparently chipped off some bone and it's rolling around in there. Her secondary diagnosis was even more frightening: "You're getting old." Thanks, Doc. Next time, I'll go to the Long Branch. For medicinal purposes, of course.

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