For you speed freeks, be aware that at 2:30 AM on a Sunday morning, I-71 is available for your high speed testing needs. We woke up about 2:15 AM to hear Grayson having what we thought might be an asthma attack - it was awful. Kels tried to call the doctor while I loaded him in the S.S. Family Truckster.

We pointed it south and made like an ambulance towards Childrens' Hospital ER. For the first time in our lives, I heard Kelsey asking "can we go faster?" The truck was already creeping past ninety, so I figured we'd better not. Note to self: At that speed, the rack on the roof makes an awful noise in the wind.
Childrens' took us right in and gave him a breathing treatment...turns out he has croup. The treatment worked pretty quickly but they held us 'till nearly 6 AM to make sure he'd be okay. He's recuperating this morning with a Blues Clues video.

We had a houseful of friends last night...the Amazing Kelsey had spread a huge feast and decorated the house wonderfully. Slug I am, I walked in at the last minute from the Alpha retreat to enjoy the food and compliments on the house. She's a jewel. :)

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