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It's a quarter past 6am. I've been up for about an hour, feeding the girls who slept their longest stretch ever - nearly 6 1/2 hours - and went right back to sleep after their bottles. I'm so thankful I want to wear a pilgrim hat and buckle shoes today.

Kelsey is feeling...pregnant. She gets tired pretty quickly, although it should be noted that the woman stewards six children, three of who poop their pants at random, and an oddball husband. That, and she gives herself shots in the abdomen twice daily, leaving bruises that would lead one to believe she lost a game of paintball. And then she apologizes. "I'm sorry I'm tired...I don't mean to complain...". She and I are made out of very different stuff. Kryptonite Mom vs. Puddin Pops.

Jackson took a few photos of der vundertwins. You can click on either to see the full size version. As near as I can tell from the photos, the first one is of Mercy Rain. The one below is Anna River.

The girls are over 9lbs now and their personalities are really beginning to shine. Mercy is the more vocal of the two, not in a whiney way, but more in the mold of a prophetic singer, which is find with us. She is a little bigger and her hair is slightly lighter in color.

Anna, on the other hand (often literally on the other hand) is a little more demure, although secretly I think she's plotting the writing of her tell-all book, "I Was Adopted By The Strangest Family on the Planet And Turned Out Fine", available on Amazon in the spring of 2028.

If it sounds like all we do is laugh and play with these girls...it's because we are reporting on the highlights of the day. We are still intercessory missionaries. We still pay the bills, scrub the floor, read the news and drink a lot of coffee. It's just that our lives have been willingly hijacked by two half Asian beauties who we find irresistible.

In the "Not Half Asian But We Still Love Her" category, I had to post a photo of our dear friend Annie, who in characteristic sympathy for our plight, brought over this killer double layer chocolate cake complete with toasted coconut on the icing.

This may have been the most Martha Stewart thing I've ever seen done by a teenager. We are plotting ways to keep her in Kansas City, and I am not above sabotaging her college essays by inserting words like "booger" at random.

Thank you, Annie! The tribe loves you, and if we ever carve a totem pole, you are TOTALLY going on top, far out of reach of the dreaded pigeon zone.

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Annie Peterson said...

awwww.... "not half asian but we still love her". Thanks, Randy! You know I love you guys...And please, feel free to sabatoge all essays you feel led to hack into. It should be known that I really don't care. =P

Today, my sister said "I was thanking the Lord for the Bohlenders today...I don't even know them, but they are so AWESOME!" I totally agree. :)