This Blog has Moved.

After six years of blogging at this address, I have seen the light and am abandoning Blogger like so many digital lemmings before me. All the content has migrated to my new site, and the links to this one should remain ok, but nothing more will be posted here.

What's this mean for you? If you're reading this via RSS, all transmissions will cease. Please go to the new site - www.RandyBohlender.com - and click on the new feed, or choose to have the new feed emailed to you directly.

A few more features and links will be added in the next few days, but again - this blog is dead, yet lives, here. Please update your links.

Thanks to Ellen Karns, former VCC Web Girl, for helping me and tweaking the layout. OK, bending the layout beyond recognition. Thanks also to Shelley Paulson for taking every picture of me that does not look dumb, including the one in the new header.

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