And in other developments...

It's hard to top last night's announcement that we were expecting our seventh child.

Kelsey made the prenatal pilgrimage to the professional today who professed that she positively is pregnant, which we knew. They also prescribed an expensive medication that she will inject into her stomach via syringe every day due to an autoimmune disorder that she has. She did this with Zion as well. Tonight, she took her first injection and found that it burned like fire. I ran downstairs for a minute and came up to find her sitting on the floor of the kitchen, afraid she was going to pass out. In the end, she didn't...but it wasn't fun. She went directly to bed.

In better news, we received an offer on our house last night. After a few back and forths, we landed on a price with the buyer. The home inspection in scheduled for Friday afternoon. All is this fantastic news for us - the current house was short on space and the layout was not conducive to a tribe of our size.

These are interesting days. We are in need of more space. The housing market is such that one could buy more house for less than one might have a year ago, but honestly, it's going to take a miracle to get what we need. Fortunately, we've seen a string of miracles for the past five years.

Since the week before leaving for IHOP, we have been given four vehicles. Granted, the first three had a cumulative total of over a half million miles on them, but they honestly all ran well. I gave two away and sold one. The fourth is the mighty Johnny Cash Tour Bus Edition Suburban that still hauls my entire family (until around July, in which case....uh, I don't have that figured out yet).

Somehow, we have managed to raise a growing family on missions support for five years. People erroneously assume that since we've done it this long we know how to do it. We don't. We send out newsletters, we pray, and God provides, seemingly with very little connection to the newsletters. More than once, we have received large checks days (or even hours) before a large bill was due.

We adopted three infants in less than two years. I still can't fully explain that one.

All that to say God's got the cattle on a thousand hills, and He's going to clear off one of those hills and build us a house. I just know it. There will be room for all seven kids, Kelsey and I, and Grandma B.

Ten people, five ethnicities, three generations, one family.

This feels a little like heaven, and God's going to make sure He's got a place to live.


Anonymous said...

The fact that you have made a written record of your journey is such a beautiful legacy for your children. Years from now, when you sit down as a family and read these entries, you will marvel at forgotten details and say....Look what the Lord has done!

Believing with you for the perfect home for the Bohlender clan and a vehicle large enough to fit 4 (count 'em!) car seats plus 5 other occupants!!! (Maybe a sidecar for Grandma B!)


Mrs. I

Annie Peterson said...

I just cannot wait to hear all the stories that are yet to come about how Jesus KEEPS providing... Love you guys!

Somedays are Worth Remembering said...

Wow! That is great news. You guys are deal finders in more ways then one. I know that the Lord will lead you to the perfect deal of a house. That stinks about Kelsey. I didn't know that she had an autoimmune disorder. I will pray for healing and breakthrough for this pregnancy.