Randomonium: Been a While Edition

Hello friends It's been so long since I blogged that it's tough for me to whittle my thoughts down to one and blog on that, hence this edition of Randomonium.
  • We have tipped over from a large family to a mondo sized family...the size of which people make assumptions that you're Catholic, crazy or a member of Posse Comitatus. We are none of the three, but people sure do a double take when we pile out of the Suburban.
  • I am not, and will never be, a big fan of cold weather. It's cold and rainy tonight and I'm already looking forward to spring.
  • After a great heart connect with Jackson last night, we challenged one another to do something that neither of us would bite off on our own - to memorize the book of James together. I am NOT a memorization savant. I barely remembery my phone number. We landed on this as a way of redeeming those 10 minute sections of the day that one can zone out on - drive time, etc. Now I'm motivated to work on it because I don't want to get to our deadline and find out my son outdid me!
  • The last two Sundays' messages have been unbelievable...Daniel Lim is the prayer movement's 007 and Stuart Greaves is smart in languages I can't even recognize. There are more fascinating people at IHOP than most people meet in a lifetime.
  • Finally turned over 170,000 miles on my Montero. We've owned it seven years and have driven it from Colorado to Florida to Baltimore and all points inbetween. We wracked up 30k some years but lately haven't added so many. It's my favorite vehicle we have ever owned, even besting the oddball Merkur Scorpio we drove for a while. It's not quite Shawn Blanc's Man Jeep but it'll go nearly anywhere and arrive in style.


Anonymous said...

I went to a christian school growing up and every week for 12 years we had to memorize scripture. When i was in the 3rd grade we memorized the book of James and to this day i think because I had to memorize it, it is one of my favorite books of the Bible. U guys can do it.

Amy Farmer

Annie Peterson said...

I agree with you about cold weather. I am tired of it already!

And also about the interesting IHOP people. I'm already dreading having to leave Kansas City.

Jennifer J said...

Hey what a cool challenge idea, memorizing James together. Hey take a tip from someone who has had to do A LOT of memorization in her day (yay acting and literature classes). Notecards. Break it down into chunks, write them out on notecards for easy memorization, and then rewrite them on another piece of paper. Works like a charm!

Loose Arrow said...

WOW and not even a mention of DL's Stang? What is up with THAT??