Look who's 2!

Tomorrow will mark Zoe's second birthday. With all the excitement around the arrival of the twins, we can't forget that Zoe was the adoption forerunner! She's pictured here with her BFF LiLi, who is four months younger and seven shades lighter. Other than that, they're sisters to the core.

Thinking about her birth and arrival sent me to the archives for my favorite moments of racing to Vegas to get her!

This post featured our first glance at Zoe.

I'll never forget laying eyes on that dark head of hair. I had no idea that two years later it would point in all directions!

Our Las Vegas video update, featuring the POD soundtrack.

Zoe, we love you!

You have been a joy to our life and are so excited for you to grow big. You're the best big sister ever!


Tracie said...

Love you Zoe

Uncle John, Aunt Tracie

Sean The Red said...

WOW! Danie said that yesterday, and I cannot beleive it. But hten look, she is so big! DShe wasnt much bigger han an eggroll at the beginning!

Randy Bohlender said...

Ha! No, Zoe was a burrito. The twins are the eggrolls.

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!