KC. A Fast City?

Years ago, during the Web 1.0 explosion, we were pastoring a church populated primarily with young dot com types. They were all reading a magazine called Fast Company. It melded leadership, technology and innovation. I started reading it to keep up with my church folks.

Fast Company got faster and fatter until one day the bottom dropped out of their advertising market and the magazine began to look more like a leaflet. The price didn't drop, but the product became pretty slim, so I quit reading.

Turns out they still exist....and recently named Kansas City one of their annual 'Fast cities'...an award they give to geographical areas for being innovation friendly. So...what did they recognize in KC?
A $9 billion redevelopment is restoring downtown KC's shine with the new Sprint Center and Steven Holl's glorious expansion of the Nelson-Atkins Museum. This Missouri city also anchors a new animal-health corridor -- a bovine Silicon Valley -- that's home to more than 120 bioscience firms. The hope is that this old cow town's new spin will boost job growth and keep young people from seeking
Great. Four years into the Web 2.0 era and I find myself living in the bovine silicon valley.

At least IHOP's a fast community.

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