Great Kid(s)

We were given a gift tonight; a cd full of photos from Nick Loux. They were shot last night at Zoe's Punkin Pancake Party, which was phantastic.

Even though most of the shots were of Zoe, one of my favorites didn't feature Zoe at all, because it reveals the heart of one of my other children with incredible accuracy.

Jackson is 15. I am completely unsure how we entered the time warp that got him there. A few weeks ago, he was 3 or 4, carrying around his stuffed animals and telling his preschool teacher "My parents don't pay much attention to me any more....". (True story! Later, when pressed for an explanation, he said "Well, everyone was telling her things and I had to tell her something!")

Here we are, years later. My little guy stands four inches taller than I do. He is also a doting big brother to Grayson, Zion, Zoe, Anna and Mercy. He shows remarkable tenderness to his little sisters. Nick's photo says it all.


Anonymous said...

That is an absolutely breath taking photo!

Anna Peterson said...

That is the greatest picture ever!!

rae said...

beautiful picture. :)

Esther Irwin said...

(sniff, wiping my eyes) That's just beautiful! Jackson, you will make such a wonderful father (in a few years...)

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