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Congress certainly seems to have been thinking about your money today - so much so that according to the New York Times, talks about how to help you keep your money just broke down entirely. A fix is certainly on it's way, but no one can agree on when or how.

The wood, hay and stubble that we're so heavily vested in is going up in smoke, with or without Congressional intervention. Today, tomorrow, or a decade from now, it's going. Gone. In light of that, I have a bold request for you...an invitation to invest in something that will outlast anything Wall Street has.

Those of you that have been following this for a while know that a week ago, we flew to Florida on a few hours notice to adopt twin infant girls who were about to be put into the state foster care system. Tonight, those two little girls have names, a father and a mother, three brothers and a sister, a good hope and a good future.

I'm asking you to invest in that future.

I've mentioned the financial need for this adoption a couple of times, and frankly, I've been blown away by the responses from people. We've raised just over 25% of the $15,000 in legal and travel costs in just a week. In several cases, young people gave four weeks of their pay to this effort. This afternoon, someone I've never met - from Europe - sent us $1,000. It's been astounding to me how people have responded. That said, I want to extend that invitation one more time. Why?

Your financial portfolio is in freefall.
You might as well put your money in something that's going somewhere.

In one short week, these little girls have gone from the unknown of the foster care system to a destiny that includes growing up in the context of night and day prayer. They will mature in a loving family, surrounded by young adults who think that prayer and fasting are staples of Christianity. No graph can accurately portray that change of trajectory in seven days. Project it out over a lifetime, and this investment pays a return like you've never seen.

Adoption gains us equity in the case against abortion.

These twins, Anna River and Mercy Rain, join one other adopted daughter, Zoe (almost 2). It gives me great joy to lift my three daughters high and proclaim "This is what pro-life looks like."

Without going into details, it's remarkable our twins were born at all. Unfortunately, every day, children like them don't survive the womb. They are aborted, often because people believe that the children will be unwanted. Adoption is one way the church can send a clear prophetic signal - that we want the children that the world would reject.

This isn't about two little girls.
This is about thousands of children we want to see adopted.

If I've ever heard the Lord's voice on anything, I've heard Him speak to me on the issue of adoption, and the Word of the Lord to the church is this - "Go get them." That is what we intend to do.

In coming days, you're going to hear a lot about adoption from Kelsey and I. We are setting our face to raising money for others to adopt and putting adoption on the forefront of the church's agenda. Your giving into this need frees us up to spread the word about adoption.

Again, thanks to those of you who have already given so generously. For those of you who are wondering how you can help, I have two requests:

1) Go to this section of RandyandKelsey.com and give electronically or find out where to send a check.

2) Forward this post to friends you may have who love adoption and the prayer movement.

To date, the largest amounts have come in from people we don't even know who love the idea of adoption and the prayer movement converging. Send this post or others that you found really connected with you on to everyone you know.

This blog will return to it's regular faire of offbeat commentary soon. When it does, I'll be launching a second blog for the purpose of concentrating on the issue of adoption and the prayer movement. Meanwhile, I wanted to place the opportunity out there for many of you who have read along with us for a long time, perhaps as far back as our Cincinnati days.

If you've ever thought "I should do something...", I'm asking that you do it now. It is the investment opportunity of a lifetime.



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Melinda said...

Congratulations on your two newest blessings! They are beautiful! Your story is very inspiring and clearly points to God's Glory. I donated through your link, just didn't know if I needed to note that it was going to your adoption or not.