We are on the ground...

I'm writing this at 3am, and the end of what has been the craziest day ever...so far.

At the 6am prayer meeting, I wrote some very specific things in my journal.  Literally a minute or two later, Cory Russell got up and prayed it word for word.  I remember thinking "Wow.  There's something on that....".

Shortly thereafter, I got a blog comment from someone who had a family member who was struggling and had twin girls they were considering putting up for adoption.  I tracked them down and we were on the phone in minutes.  Did I mention it wasn't 8am yet?

At 9am, we had a meeting with good friends already scheduled.  Did I mention they own an adoption agency?  We spent our alloted time working the phones to lawyers and social workers.  The next few hours were a blur of crossed phone calls and confusion, but at 2:30pm the birth mom asked "Could you come down here?  I think I want you to have my girls....".

We flew to Dallas.  We flew to New Orleans.  We drove the last 200 miles.  And now we're here.  Tomorrow morning we meet with the birth mom.  If all goes well, we have twins in the afternoon.

I'm crashing.  Just a reminder - Prayer and funding.  If you can only do one, pray!


Nancy said...

Amazing story, more Amazing God. Well done.

Anita Hensley said...

pray─▒ng from ─░stanbul favor and grace and provision

The Cooper's said...

WOW!!! I am so excited or you. God has surely chosen you to do this. You guys always get those last minute call miracles! I will pray and we would love to sow into your adoption!