updated cribbage

We worked our tails off to get the house ready to list. Seriously, I have no tail to speak of anymore. It's quite remarkable.

Saturday, we were on from 8am to 1am, then finished up this morning. Props to Jill and Luis for hauling hiney alongside of us for the whole stretch. Luis faced my Garage Monster. For this alone, he is worth his weight in platinum.

Click on any photos for the Large Print Bifocal Edition.

This is the new Urban Loft version of the Bohlender front room. Jill says that urn hauled the Dead Sea Scrolls to the US. She's serious. I said Freud diagnosed someone sitting on those couches.

Artwork! We have artwork! And a bench that supposedly once served as a chicken execution site. Hard to think about.

Assorted Macs not included, but dig the mirror and couch where we used to have a gargantuan iMac station.

And of course, the kitchen looks great since the Great American Kitchen Project.


carl thomas said...

i will take it! Please quote shipping to 33483

Anna Peterson said...

Remind me to never ever sit on that bench if I happen to visit.

Randy Bohlender said...

@AP - Don't be a chicken. ;)

Tracie said...

The pics don't do it justice folks! It totally rocks. I was afraid to sit down anywhere, let alone the chicken bench!

Sean The Red said...

This will behard to see this one go. Lot of memories for me. My wife came out of that house!

Kelsey Bohlender said...

@ Sean -- actually, your wife came out of the Grand Ave. house. That's where she was living when you met her. This one does hold alot of memories. We'll just have to get some more!

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Don't ask Zion what he thinks about the new couches. Really. Don't ask him.

Sean The Red said...

Very True on the old Martha Truman/Grand house, however this is where SHE decided she couldnt live without me! YESSSSSS!!!!!

Now thats a sign.... and a WONDER.

And I agree, lets make more memories.

holly said...

Interesting images in the mirror :)