If you're not following the twitter feed....

Birth mom signed consent a few minutes ago - yeah buddy! This has been a wild ride. Praise GOD for her sister and brother in law who have helped usher this through.

Next stop - the nursery where the hospital gives the babies to the lawyer and the Bohlenders give a fat check to the lawyer and the Bohlenders get two yet unnamed balls of caucasian/asian lovin!

Pictures later. I PROMISE.


Scott said...

Randy, I was on the board of an adoption agency for nine years. When that agency was founded, the first baby that came their way had severe birth defects. The agency appeared to be sunk financially, and stuck with a baby that no one would want. But God had other plans. Along came a couple from a thousand miles away who wanted the baby, to go along with their many, many other adopted children. Since that time the agency has placed hundreds of "unwanted" babies: black, biracial, or sick. In 2004 my wife and I went to D.C. to visit a beautiful teenage cheerleader whom we had kept in our home for a month when she was a newborn, awaiting her adoptive parents.

Our God is an AWESOME God! Thank you Bohlenders and thank you to everyone who gives money to support these great people.

sarahjohnz said...

Hey Bohelanders!! This is Sarah Johns friends of John & Tracie in PA, been prayin all afternoon for you folks and those darling babies!
Odd suggestion?? You said it was ok to make'm so I am. Tried email it kicked back.
Lillian & Lucille aka Lilee/Lily & Lucee/Lucy
Can't wait to see pics and names for prayer!
God bless you all!!

Joseph said...

Wow. They are beautiful!

Names? I vote Marsha and Jan. Or Jan and Cindy.

Oh, and rule no. 1 - Never wake a sleeping baby. (But you probably still use that one with Zoe.)

Many blessings!