Time is of the essence. No kidding, Sherlock.

After going from four kids to six via the miracle of an unexpected adoption last week, Kelsey and I are staring our schedules. As strange as it may sound to some, we had life figured out with four, ages 15, 11, 7 and nearly 2. We juggled prayer, work, fun, soccer, guitar lessons, and school with what felt like ‘a little difficulty, but now with twins, seemed to be with great ease.

That was so last week.

This week, our newborn twin girls have rocked our world. They are sweet as could be but apparently have little regard for any schedule that is not their own. In fact, if it does not involve a bottle or a diaper, they could care less....and we love them dearly, but it’s making us reevaluate a little.

Honestly, I like the changes I sense coming. Sometimes order only comes when it is forced upon us. I got my best grades in college when taking the heaviest schedule. My best preaching has happened on my busiest weeks. I’m most intentional with money when there’s not much of it. This clamp-down on our time is going to make us more efficient and in control of our time than ever.

Already, God brought a stranger to me for a 45 minute conversation challenging me to narrow my focus. The conversation dovetailed perfectly with what God had put in my heart. Order out of chaos. How Godly.

It is not a good comfortable thing to be hard pressed...but it’s a good thing. Sometimes the Lord uses circumstances to show yourself what you’re made of, and through the miracle of leaning on Him, you’re made of more than you thought you were. I’m not quite ready to pull a GWB and say “bring'm on...”, but I’ll go so far as to say “come what may, we will overcome.”

Onward, through the fog....


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Esther Irwin said...

OK, focus! Camera. Pictures! On your blog. Of the twins. Of the other 4. Remember they grow fast. Love the picture of Grayson at the airport.