Monday Morning Perspective...

I'm parked on a hard plastic chair in the back of Grayson's math class, where I am the designated Parent Volunteer on Monday mornings. Part of the agreement of having your children in The Daniel Academy is four hours of service per week, so this is my Monday morning assignment. It's a pretty cushy job, actually. The kids are well behaved and there's not a lot of prep work so the teacher does most everything.

Sarah Palin and whats-his-name are in Lees Summit, MO this morning. It would seem from the twitterfog that the uber hip and otherwise unoccupied have all assembled there. Can't help but think they would have never turned out to see the presidential candidate himself. It's amazing the amount of energy this VP pick has brought to the race. It makes the democratic superman seem almost....mortal. Go Sistah Kryptonite.

Crazy busy weekend...relisted the house for sale. We need the space, particularly given that we're pushing hard to finish our home study ASAP because of a few needy little ones we've caught wind of.

Just between you, me and the interwebs, we are going to shoot for another adoption - fast. More info to follow as soon as I have it. Trust me. We're going to need your help. :-)

This just in from PalinWatch 08: Jackson is wandering the line spreading the rumor that Palin did not come with McCain, causing hockey, soccer, gymnastics and shooting club moms great dismay. AAAAGHH. Whose kid is that?

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jen said...

Sarah and that other guy are supposed to be at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon/Cincinnati Tuesday night! I almost want to go, because I am one of the many who really liked her.