Saturday evening reflections

I'm beginning to realize how busy our summer was.

Today, I cleaned out the basement storage room, fixed the broken light socket, took a load of stuff to storage, returned a ton of stuff to Home Depot, grabbed some frozen custard with the kids, went to the gym, and returned home for a bike ride with the boys and thought "Wow. We kind of did nothing today...." Best day of nothing I've had in a long, long time.

Surfing the web, I'm finding a lot to like about the Republican VP choice. I know people are freaking out about her lack of foreign policy experience, but to be frank, Alaska is a bit of a foreign country. She's probably more like the Prime Minister of Extreme Canada than the governor of a state. I also discovered today that her husband is a snowmobile racer. Call me shallow but this sort of sealed the deal for me.

It appears that New Orleans could get mashed again by this storm. My most vivid memory from Katrina was Matt Lockett having a hard time getting across the country because he couldn't buy gas, and my friend Dennis giving cell phone updates from the gulf region of Mississippi, allocating just a few minutes a day because they had no electricity and no idea when it was coming. Say a prayer for the people in that region tonight.

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