a fun day with the team...

TheCall Senior Staff met most of the day.

Historically, there has not been a Senior Staff team, so a number of us declared ourselves Senior Staff and formed into a team. It was a brilliant move, and one I fully supported. You can do that when you draw the org chart.

I don't know if I've laughed or prayed as hard in a meeting as I did today. It was that cool.

I'll leave you with a photo taken by Annie, my faithful runner at TheCall DC. Annie is a jewel - she managed to keep my supply of vitamin water in stock, get my boys from The Mall to the hotel, chase down internet passwords and forty other things. After working her like crazy and sending her on a variety of goofy assignments in a madhouse environment, I discovered she was sixteen years old. I probably violated every child labor law in the books at TheCall DC.

Anyhow, she loved Zoe and captured this shot.


Shelley Paulson said...

Shut.Up. 16? I thought about 22. She is amazing. Holy cow.

Anna Peterson said...

You didn't know how old I was?! I did not know that... =)