From the "Dwindling Faith in Gov't Department:

If I didn't know Ann Kimmel I'd question this story....but I do know her, and this is pitiful. Just pitiful.


Ann Kimmel said...

I can't believe you read my blog! I feel just like Sally Field winning the Oscar - "You like me! You really, really like me!"

Just to let you know, after a polite (yet slightly strained) follow up call, a "Blind Child Area" sign (you know, the one the man said would have to be ordered and he didn't know if they made them anymore anyway...) magically appeared within 4 hours.

How my sister doesn't have a drinking problem, I will never know. But she does have this really impressive fake-smile-while-clenching-her-teeth thing going on.

Randy Bohlender said...

OK, the fact that you pulled up that Sally Field quote just sent my respect for you through the stratosphere. I actually dropped the same quote in a book I ghost wrote a few years ago!

Yes, Ann. We like you. We really, really like you!