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I started blogging in October of 2002. Since then, I’ve written an estimated 300,000 words. The vast majority of those words were not too profound. They were inane commentary on everyday life.

As the phrase goes, though, once in a while even a blind squirrel finds a nut, and simply the by amount of text that I generated, there were portions that resonated with people. You might call me a human 100 monkeys experiment – you know, put a hundred monkeys in a room with typewriters and eventually they’ll type the encyclopedia.

I've trimmed the encyclopedia down a bit to 38,000 words that I thought connected well with people and making the pdf available for free.

Why free?
  • They're already online, somewhere. Of course, good luck fishing through all the kid photos and inane links to find them. :)
  • It suits my value of gifting and the belief that ideas spread more quickly when unfettered by economics.
If you really find them useful and want to buy me coffee or a Corvette, Paypal is a wonderful thing.

Also, because of my rudimentary understanding of the web, I have no real way of telling how many people download it. If you do, could you drop me a note at rbohlender (at) gmail and let me know?

Either way, enjoy.



carl thomas said...

can you share how you compiled this? You din't manually hand cut and paste did you?

jae said...

Downloaded it. Already diggin' it.