Pray for my friend, Tracie.

Tracie is closing in on forty like a freight train, and frankly, she might be losing it. Consider the following comments left on an early post regarding my wedding anniversary.

8:18 AM
7/7 is 18 for us!

8:20 AM

OH take that back it's 7/8!
I must be almost 40 or something... can't even remember my anniversary!

2:24 PM

No hold on, I'm just really really dumb now. Dumb, or old.
Yes, I remember we share the same anniversary, one year later.

Here is a woman, happily married to a great guy, who cannot remember her anniversary to save her life.

Note that she took a stab at it, took another guess two minutes later, and then after six hours of contemplating it with my wife at the pool, came back for a third try.

Tracie, we love you and John, no matter how long you've been married....

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Tracie said...

Oh, this is so not fair, but I guess I deserve it!

Laughing hard!